[Pdx-pm] anyone have experience using ircomm with perl?

Chris Dawson cdawson at webiphany.com
Mon Sep 8 18:25:13 CDT 2003

I have tried to write a script which reads/writes to the IrCOMM device 
/dev/ircomm0.  I am getting some strange results, but I have never done 
anything like this before.   I tried this script:

if( open FILE, "/dev/ircomm0" ) {
print "Opened the port.\n";
while( <FILE> ) {
print $_ . "\n";
print "Closed port.\n";

It has the effect of bouncing back anything I send from the palm 
application which is sending/receiving data to IR. 

I have experimented with calling open FILE, "<+/dev/ircomm0" (fails) and 
open FILE, "</dev/ircomm0" but at this point I am flailing about without 
much rhyme or reason. 

Anyone have suggestions?


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