[Pdx-pm] Sept Perl Mongers Meeting - Randal Schwartz

Jeff Zucker jeff at vpservices.com
Mon Sep 8 12:28:18 CDT 2003

Joshua Keroes wrote:

>Randal L. Schwartz - Perl and Databases
Very cool!

Randal - can I tape record it for possible quotation of bits (with 
credit natch) in the O'Reilly Cheetah book? :-)

All - I am also looking for DBI "success stories", cool hacks,  and 
brief descriptions of people who have contributed to DBI development 
(anything from modules, to patches, to usenet/listserv/monks help) for 
inclusion in the book.  I am also seeking out examples of "embedded" DBI 
-- application frameworks like Slash, Mason, Bricolage, BioPerl that can 
use DBI as middleware to the backend.  Please email me or grab me at the 


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