Perl help via pdx list -- NOT (was Re: Mail list predators)

Jeff Zucker jeff at
Thu Aug 22 20:36:57 CDT 2002

My $0.02 is that c.l.p.* and perl monks and #perl and other places are 
the best place to get advice on particular perl programming issues.  I 
would rather see this pdx-pm list be reserved for things not found on 
those places e.g. a) info about the pdx mongers meetings; b) tech stuff 
related to our being in Portland; c) questions/problems related to 
modules and ideas presented at our tech meetings; d) other perl issues 
that are particularly dear to our own local community (and we'll need to 
experiment to find out what those are).

Obviously, we need some leaway for "I am at my wits end and I tried a 
bunch of other things and you gals and guys are my neighbors so please 
help".  But I wouldn't like to see this list regularly used as a 
helpdesk or as a substitute for one of the other fora.  Yeah we're lucky 
to have Randal and Tom and the rest of these whiz kids locally, but 
let's not waste that on everyday scripting issues that are dealt with 
other places.

And please, please, please, let's not get into the recursive 
meta-commentary thing that fills c.l.p.m (he says, making a a recursive 
meta-comment himself).



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