possible alternate meeting site for next wed's meeting

Martin Schneider MartinSchneider at TNTSoftware.com
Fri Feb 16 10:49:41 CST 2001

I'm okay with the change.  Any chance the headcount will top 16?

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> Subject: possible alternate meeting site for next wed's meeting
> I've got 16 free passes to Harvey's Comedy Club for this coming
> Wednesday nite.  Harvey's is a live standup comedy club (the only
> all-comedy club in Portland).  The timeline would work like follows:
> 6pm to 7pm - arrive and meet in Harvey's lounge, for social meeting
> 7pm to 8pm - sit at table together inside the club, more 
> social meeting
> 8pm to 9:30pm - watch comedy!
> 9:30pm++ - hang out some more in the lounge, or wherever
> Those that didn't want to stay for the comedy could bail at 8pm.
> Harvey's is at 6th and Glisan downtown, at the north end of Fareless
> Square for the public transit folks.
> Would this work as an alternate social visit site?  The only downside
> is that I'd need a pretty solid headcount by Tuesday, and nobody could
> join us after 7pm, because we have to go in together, and the table
> talk needs to be at a minimum during the actual show.
> Oh, the comedian (according to www.harveyscomedyclub.com) is:
>     Hailing from West Texas, Jack Mayberry brings a myriad of life
>     experience to his in-demand stand-up routine. From Marine Corps to
>     drive-time personality in Houston for eight years, Jack found his
>     calling in '84 as a stand-up comedian and in five years, had moved
>     to Hollywood and was appearing regularly on The Tonight Show with
>     Johnny Carson. When Jay Leno began hosting, Jack was asked to
>     appear in a comedy sketch Jay's first week on the air as
>     then-presidential candidate Ross Perot. Good thing, too, since
>     he's been on The Tonight Show 18 times since! In addition to his
>     "dead-on" caricature of Ross, his fans are also treated to his
>     clean and funny comedy. Please join us for a great evening with
>     Jack Mayberry!
> Yes, no?
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