possible alternate meeting site for next wed's meeting

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Fri Feb 16 09:54:55 CST 2001

I've got 16 free passes to Harvey's Comedy Club for this coming
Wednesday nite.  Harvey's is a live standup comedy club (the only
all-comedy club in Portland).  The timeline would work like follows:

6pm to 7pm - arrive and meet in Harvey's lounge, for social meeting
7pm to 8pm - sit at table together inside the club, more social meeting
8pm to 9:30pm - watch comedy!
9:30pm++ - hang out some more in the lounge, or wherever

Those that didn't want to stay for the comedy could bail at 8pm.

Harvey's is at 6th and Glisan downtown, at the north end of Fareless
Square for the public transit folks.

Would this work as an alternate social visit site?  The only downside
is that I'd need a pretty solid headcount by Tuesday, and nobody could
join us after 7pm, because we have to go in together, and the table
talk needs to be at a minimum during the actual show.

Oh, the comedian (according to www.harveyscomedyclub.com) is:

    Hailing from West Texas, Jack Mayberry brings a myriad of life
    experience to his in-demand stand-up routine. From Marine Corps to
    drive-time personality in Houston for eight years, Jack found his
    calling in '84 as a stand-up comedian and in five years, had moved
    to Hollywood and was appearing regularly on The Tonight Show with
    Johnny Carson. When Jay Leno began hosting, Jack was asked to
    appear in a comedy sketch Jay's first week on the air as
    then-presidential candidate Ross Perot. Good thing, too, since
    he's been on The Tonight Show 18 times since! In addition to his
    "dead-on" caricature of Ross, his fans are also treated to his
    clean and funny comedy. Please join us for a great evening with
    Jack Mayberry!

Yes, no?

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