[Jobs] Looking for work in Portland area

Daniel Chetlin daniel at chetlin.com
Fri Feb 9 06:03:12 CST 2001

Hi all. I'm currently looking around for contract or consulting work.
I've attached my resume, and it can also be found at

I don't work with recruiters, but aside from that restriction I'm
interested in a job involving any of the technologies listed in the
`skills' section below.

Thanks for your time.

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Daniel Chetlin
daniel at chetlin.com

7/2000 - 2/2001: eBizQuality, Inc., Portland, Oregon
Senior Programmer
* Lead programmer of corporation's e-business Web site
* Implemented site in mod_perl using HTML::Mason and Oracle database

10/1999 - 7/2000: Intel Corporation, Portland, Oregon
Perl Programmer
* Developed front end for systems monitoring software
* Developed and documented methods for interaction between Linux and
  Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases running on Windows NT

2/1998 - 10/1999: Agnew Moyer Smith Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Perl Programmer/Linux System Administrator
* Designed, developed, and deployed a wide variety of applications using
  Linux, Perl, SQL, and CGI for database publishing for an information
  and graphic design firm.

10/1997 - 1/1998: Eloquent Technologies Inc., Ithaca, New York
Perl Programmer
* Developed subsystems for a multilingual text-to-voice engine for IBM
* Created translators to handle various different "shorthand" for sounds
  as well as interfaces to other parts of the engine across the network.

2/1997 - 5/1997: Gateways Group LLC, Ithaca, New York
C++/Web Server Programmer
* Developed a "start-stop" plug-in for the Apache Web server, using C++

5/1995 - 8/1995: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Tutor/Teaching assistant
* Taught students and assisted instructors at CMU's "Andrew's
  Leap" program where C++ and general programming ideology are the
  main topics.

Perl core developer
* Active participant in Perl core development, including over a dozen
  accepted patches into the standard distribution.

Perl user group participant
* Active participant in Perl user groups, both online and in person for
  the Portland Perl Mongers.
* Respondent to questions on comp.lang.perl.* and perlmonks.org
* Will present a technical paper for the 2001 Perl Conference

* Perl
   - XS (embedding C in Perl)
   - DBI (interfacting with databases in Perl)
   - mod_perl
   - HTML::Mason
* C
* Python
* Ruby
* ML
* LISP/Scheme
* Apache

* 7/2000: The Perl Conference 4.0: Monterey, CA, US
* 6/2000: Yet Another Perl Conference '00: Pittsburgh, PA, US
* 4/1999: Linux Expo '99: Raleigh, NC, US
* 12/1997: Cornell University: Ithaca, NY, US
* 3 semesters of study at Cornell University, concentrating in computer
  science, linguistics, and languages.

* Received the highest possible score for the Brainbench Perl
  knowledge test:

Available upon request

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