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Tir 18. Mar 2008 05:22:04 PDT

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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 00:55:24 -0700
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Hi all,  Please forward this to your groups.  (Also feel free to break
into a discussion as to whether or how students are involved in the
perl community, what we can do to connect with more universities and

The Perl Foundation is participating in Google's 2008 Summer of Code(tm)
and we have a lot of capable, willing mentors looking forward to working
with some talented, driven students.  So, we would like you to help
find those students (and quickly -- the students must apply before
March 24th.)

This is a rare opportunity for students to get a chance to get a paid
summer of hacking on exciting projects like Parrot, Perl 6, Moose,
Jifty, SVK, Catalyst, or their very own Perl modules or applications.
It also brings new talent into the community and gives the student a
hefty "real world" experience with a knowledgable mentor.  Further,
employers love to see this sort of demonstration of teamwork, handling
deadlines, communication skills, resourcefulness and etc.

We're looking for promising students who are interested in open source
(or maybe you know someone who *should* be interested in open source.)
Knowledge of Perl is optional if the project is Parrot-related.  The
student doesn't need to be an expert in the problem domain (after all,
learning is part of the process), but should bring a big pile of
creativity, problem-solving skills, and determination.

Students should review the page of suggested projects, but are
encouraged to bring their own proposals (those are often the best.)
The most important first step is getting in touch with the community
and discussing their project idea with potential mentors.


Additional information and links can be found here.


Google has posted some flyers if you happen to have a university
bulletin board or hallway handy:


Additional info:


(Note that google has particular requirements to do with the fact that
they are paying the students.  The student must be able to show their
eligibility regarding enrollment and employability.)

Remember, the Perl community draws talent from many fields, so if you
came to Perl from a non-computer-science major and still have contacts
in that department from your university, it is probably worth
mentioning to them.


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