[oak perl] Words with 4 consonants in a row

George Woolley george at metaart.org
Fri Jul 16 01:05:12 CDT 2004

Hlp! Smn tk ll m vwls!
Stll, Grg hs qstns.

Whts schws wth vwls?
Whts lngthsmn mn?
R thr rll lts f ph wrds?
Dd Bldn s Prl fr ths? Hw?

Grg "lst m vwls" Wll

On Thursday 15 July 2004 8:27 am, Belden Lyman wrote:
> A few months ago Tony asked if there were any words in English with
> 4 consonants in a row. Last night I read one in PO'B's "Fortune of
> War": 'phthisis'. There's hordes of other words with 4 consonants in
> a row.
> The most common substrings are 'nthr', 'nstr', 'phth', and 'ghts'
> ('enthrall', 'instruct', 'ophthalmology', 'sightsee'). Less common
> substrings occur in the words 'lightproof', 'ballplayer', and
> 'eggplant'.
> 5 consonants are less frequent but are not impossible ('eightscore').
> 6 in a row is downright rare ('lengthsman'). My wordlist (scowl, avail
> from http://scowl.sourceforge.net ) doesn't have any valid words with
> 7 consonants.
> Bldn, schws vwls
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