Upcoming Perl Tech meet

Tony Edwardson tony at edwardson.co.uk
Wed May 8 01:45:56 PDT 2013

Hi All

On Monday 20th June we have a Perl Technical Meeting at the usual room 
at the Open University

We have an interesting lineup of talks as follows :-

Dave Cross -  'Matt's PSGI Archive'
Rick Deller (a specialist Perl recruiter)  - Recruitment in Perl and the 
Perl Academy
Colin Newell  -  LXC, cheap linux virtualisation and using Jenkins to 
test your perl distributions
Colin Bradford - Promises, a different take on asynchronous programming
Tony Edwardson - PAR::Lite, making CPAN modules available the easy way

We aim to kick off about 19:15 and will be heading off to Wetherspoons 
afterwards for a drink or two

I'll send out directions nearer the time for anyone who hasn't been 
there before


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