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A poly folder with a few pockets filled with single A4 sheets covered in  passwords / account details next to where you compute is a good tip.
It is more secure than any device with network access and good back up.
Milton Keynes should be in general OK this time, the drainage system was engineered for a much larger city that did not happen - I had to do some background reading for a water resources course I did at Cranfield a while ago.
Be lucky, we are of course doomed by the end of the century in any case +6 Celsius is now unavoidable.

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   1. one-liner to Concatenate Vcard names and numbers (Andy Selby)


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After watching a guy on the news talk about flood preparedness and a need
to have a papercopy of your contacts phone numbers I came up with this

perl -ne '/FN:/ && print, /TEL;/ && print' *.vcf > ~/vcardsinfo.txt

You may need to switch the two regexs as fields are not always in the same
order, also contacts with no telephone number show up!

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