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Tony Edwardson tony at
Thu Apr 12 13:32:32 PDT 2012

Hi All

As I mentioned at the last meeting, I would like to re-engineer the 
current MKPM website (  in catalyst.
Currently the website is a single static page of HTML with links to 
other resources held locally i.e. the talks.
You change it by editing the HTML in the git repo and once your changes 
are committed, they get applied at the next git pull which is run 
This makes it easy to break and will become unwieldy as more and more 
talks are added.

I want to improve this as follows :-

  * to become a multiple page site with navigation
  * make it easier to add talks by simply adding a file to a directory
    structure and it appears on the site
  * Add RSS feeds from important perl sites
  * Add a resources and links page to useful stuff . e.g. documention,
    tutorials, free pdf books and the like
  * Add a web interface to  irc
  * anything else I can think of

I would like it to be easy to add stuff to the site via an authenticated 

I have made a start and replicated the current site in catalyst and 
added a new git repo on github
You can get it here: git at

To use it,  clone the repo
git clone git at
perl Makefile.PL in the directory created to install the dependencies
run script/
Point a web browser at http://<yourhost>:3000

Any help will be gratefully recieved


if you want to contribute, help yourself, I will gradually make changes

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