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Just what I've been looking for. Thanks.

2011/9/20 Peter Edwards <peter at dragonstaff.co.uk>

> This is a cool round-up of useful new Perl stuff - well worth subscribing
> and saves time on keeping up with reddit, stackoverflow etc.
> Regards, Peter
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> Issue #8 - September 19, 2011
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> Hi there,
> This issue was mostly prepared on the train from Helsinki to Tampere. It's
> great to have wifi on trains, even it that means I missed some of the views
> of Finland. Never mind. I still caught a glimpse of the beautiful sky and we
> still have the trip back.
> New event: The Twin City Perl Workshop 2011 in Vienna and Bratislava,
> between 4-5 November has been announced. See details below.
> Experiment: The links to the articles are now using bit.ly in the e-mail.
> This will allow me to gain some insight which articles are more popular.
> Please let me know if something is not working.
> Poll: I am preparing a poll asking people (both Perl Weekly subscribers and
> others) what kind of articles would they be interested to read. I'd
> appreciate your help telling me what should be the options? Please reply in
> email!
> Now to the posts...
> Headlines
> The New OO Docs of Dave Rolsky for the Perl Core Have Been Merged<http://bit.ly/pw_1000>
> After many months of working the new OOP docs written by Dave Rolsky
> finally reached the point when they could be merged into the core perl
> documentation. This means they will be part of the next official release of
> perl. If you are impatient to wait you can check out his blog entry and from
> there the link to the documentation.
> ack: 1.96 released with Groovy support <http://betterthangrep.com/>
> ack is like grep, just better.
> Articles
> How to Use Regular Expressions to Parse Nested Structures
> <http://bit.ly/pw_1001>
> Peter Thoeny uses the SpreadSheetPlugin of TWiki as an example to show how
> to build a mixture of subroutines and regular expressions to parse data that
> can have nested elements. (eg. XML or HTML)
> Corelist web interface <http://bit.ly/pw_1002>
> Tina Müller (tinita) mentioned the web interface for the Corelist module
> she rebuilt. I have not seen this website earlier but I think it is really
> nice that you can check when was a module first included in the standard
> Perl distribution and which version of a module was included in each version
> of Perl.
> Perl for Google Fusion Tables <http://bit.ly/pw_1003>
> 'Fusion Tables is a new Google product for data storage: a kind of
> database' writes Robin Clarke (RCL) while introducing his new module
> Google::Fusion encapsulating the access to the service.
> 02packages.dependencies.txt.gz && apt-cpan <http://bit.ly/pw_1004>
> For a long time I wanted a solution to be able to use CPAN.pm to install a
> module but let it default to apt-get (or yum) if a dependency is already
> available from the vendor. Jozef shows his solution using the MetaCPAN::API
> Discussion
> Which is the better language to learn Perl or PHP? <http://bit.ly/pw_1005>
> I wrote this article in response to a question I got. I tried to make the
> comparison related to the job opportunities. The article was quite popular
> but the strange thing was that some of the comments on Google Plus and
> Twitter related to the relative qualities of the two languages and not the
> career opportunities.
> RESTful Perl Resources <http://bit.ly/pw_1006>
> chromatic asked for directions on how to explain and teach REST for Perl
> programmers. Several comments from well known Perl programmers pointed to
> the 'REST in Practice' book, a few articles and a CPAN module to help with
> the task.
> Video
> Mojocast Authentication, Helpers, and Plugins <http://bit.ly/pw_1007>
> Glen Hinkle (tempire) released the third episode of his Mojolicious
> screencast.
> Hello World <http://bit.ly/pw_1008>
> Leo Lapworth (Ranguard) has just released a new, 2 minute screencast
> showing how to write hello world on the command line.
> Games
> prisk (Games::Risk) gains its own map format, allowing translations!
> <http://bit.ly/pw_1009>
> I have already managed to waste a lot of time playing Risk using prisk
> written by Jerome Quelin (jq). Now its your turn. New map format and a
> partial move to Moose will allow more people to get involved in the
> development and the localization of the game.
> Code
> How to find files with Path::Class::Rule <http://bit.ly/pw_1010>
> David Golden (dagolden) introduces his new module for traversing a
> directory structure an processing files and directories based on some rule.
> Think about a Perlish way of using the Unix find command.
> Faster HTTP usage <http://bit.ly/pw_1011>
> Martin Evans compares the speed of LWP to WWW::Curl::Easy and shows how the
> latter is faster. The code is more complex though and I am not sure if being
> faster on the CPU really matters. After all these both solve network
> intensive tasks. Waiting for the HTTP request still takes a lot more time
> than the CPU usage.
> Tool for Perl Scripting - Devel::Comments <http://bit.ly/pw_1012>
> Tyler Slijboom shows how to use your comments to have seamless logging in
> your code for easier debugging. Though it is not mentioned in the blog but
> Devel::Comments is a fork of Smart::Comments. For some reason I never used
> either of those but I should give them a try as the idea seems to be good.
> Perl Examples: Array of Arrays, Hash of Arrays, Hash of Hashes, Stack<http://bit.ly/pw_1018>
> Sathiya Moorthy gives 5 simple examples dealing with complex data
> structures in Perl.
> Perl 6
> This is not enough! <http://bit.ly/pw_1013>
> One of the biggest issues I had with Rakudo Perl 6 was its speed. I can
> program around some bugs. I can implement some missing CPAN modules but if
> it takes minutes to run my code instead of seconds I'll easily lose my
> patience. Jonathan Worthington describes how, getting a new and faster
> machine got him to improve the speed of Rakudo even further. - I think it is
> time for me to take another look at Rakudo.
> Padre
> Padre realtime diff :) <http://bit.ly/pw_1017>
> Ahmad M. Zawawi (azawawi) shows further progress in the development of
> Padre. Improved integration with VCS tools allows the Padre user to see the
> Not Perl
> Bootstrap && Perl <http://bit.ly/pw_1014>
> As miguel prz (niceperl) also pointed out this is not exactly a Perl post
> but I hope people from the Perl community will pick up the idea and
> integrate Bootstrap with their web framework.
> Success or failure – with open source <http://bit.ly/pw_1015>
> This is not a Perl specific post but I think people who are involved in
> open source Perl projects or who are using one - in short anyone using Perl
> - could benefit from reading and thinking about the question: 'What makes an
> open source project successful?' Is that what Ulrich Habel (rhaen) wrote or
> is that something else?
> Events
> Twin City Perl Workshop <http://bit.ly/pw_1016>
> November 4-5, 2011, Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia
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