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>From whenever - I'll be there from 6pm - get there as soon as you like (before I drink all the beer !)

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> Gentle reminder - this is tonight
> Beer stocks replenished and 100MB broadband is back on-line !

I didn't spot a time - from 7pm as usual?

(for me it's whenever the traffic permits me to arrive, but I'll try to
come early; I'm bringing the guitar hero band set for PS3 :-)

> As previously communicated, next Tuesday's MKPM meet will now be held at
> my place which is :-
> 4 Thorwold Place
> Loughton
> MK5 8BH
> Where we will have various Wii & PS3 games on offer including Guitar Hero
> Unfortunately, I might not be able to show off my 100MB fibre to property
> broadband because BT decided to cancel it yesterday because they were
> unable to install a new phone line even though the phone is on a
> completely different circuit and my current phone line is being switched
> to BT.
> They tell me they can't switch it back on until Jan 4th when  the phone
> gets moved to BT.
> Negotiations are underway !
> If you intend to come along, please being along something to drink and
> unfortunately it's the chef's night off on Tuesdays so Large mixed grills
> won't be available !
> I will provide some snacky stuff and some booze but not enough for
> everyone.
> Please also let me know if you intend to come along so I can get an
> appropriate amount of stuff
> Cheers
> Tony
> PS: if you have any good Wii, PS3 or even PS2 games - ( ideally multi
> player)- feel free to bring them along
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