Get together next Tuesday

Tony Edwardson tony.edwardson at
Thu Dec 15 12:01:36 PST 2011

Hi All

As previously communicated, next Tuesday's MKPM meet will now be held at my place which is :-
4 Thorwold Place
MK5 8BH 

Where we will have various Wii & PS3 games on offer including Guitar Hero
Unfortunately, I might not be able to show off my 100MB fibre to property broadband because BT decided to cancel it yesterday because they were unable to install a new phone line even though the phone is on a completely different circuit
and my current phone line is being switched to BT.
They tell me they can't switch it back on until Jan 4th when  the phone gets moved to BT.
Negotiations are underway !

If you intend to come along, please being along something to drink and unfortunately it's the chef's night off on Tuesdays so Large mixed grills won't be available !
I will provide some snacky stuff and some booze but not enough for everyone.

Please also let me know if you intend to come along so I can get an appropriate amount of stuff


PS: if you have any good Wii, PS3 or even PS1 games - ( ideally multi player)- feel free to bring them along 

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