Adding roles to a CPAN module

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Thanks – that looks like just what I need

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I suggest using Module::Find:

  use Module::Find 'usesub';
  with usesub "Whatever::Plugins";

That way you can see if the roles has conflicts. Adding one-and-one will not detect conflicts in the same way.
2011/12/13 Tony Edwardson <Tony.Edwardson at<mailto:Tony.Edwardson at>>
I am writing a new CPAN module which uses Moose and I want it to comprise of a base module and a set of optional add-on sub modules which simply add new functionality via Roles.
I want these optional roles made available to the base module if they are installed.
Anyone got any idea how I can get my base module to include these optional roles once they are installed ?

I have toyed with the following ideas but they all have issues :-

1)      package ‘Whatever’;
use Try::Tiny;
use Moose;
my @optional_roles = qw/ Blah Blah2 /;
foreach my $optional_role ( @optional_roles ) {
try {
    with “Whatever::$optional_role”;

}; # Ignore errors if with fails

2)      package ‘Whatever’;
use ExtUtils::Installed;
use Carp;
my $inst = ExtUtils::Installed->new();
my @optional_roles = grep { /Whatever::/ } @{ $inst->modules() };
foreach my $optional_role ( @optional_roles ) {
try {
    with “Whatever::$optional_role”;
} catch {
   croak “Failed to add role $optional_role: $_”;

3)      Get the installer for my optional roles to maintain a file containing the roles installed and refer to that in my base module

Is there a better way to handle this ?

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