Meeting: Tuesday 28th of September

Tom Hukins tom at
Wed Sep 29 01:15:03 PDT 2010

On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 12:38:41PM -0400, Andy Selby wrote:
> just to remind everyone, this is tonight

Thanks for the reminder, Andy.

Again, I enjoyed the evening.  I talked to people about testing,
Perl's unpopularity, changing jobs, writing CPAN modules and
travelling around Scotland.  Mostly familiar topics, but interesting
to discuss with different people.  A few of you have interesting ideas
or good questions and I encourage you to post them here.

I didn't get to speak to everyone and I got the impression we
gravitated into a Perly group focused at one end of the table and a
Linuxy group toward the other, with a fair amount of overlap.  I've
wondered before, but I don't think in public, whether it still makes
sense for both groups to meet together every month.  We started doing
this because both groups were small, but both have grown considerably
since then.  I suspect both would now function well separately.  Any

Finally, please remember to use this list to ask questions, share
thoughts or tell us about interesting things you have done with Perl.
Don't be shy. :)


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