Permission problem with CGI script

Bob Walker bob at
Wed Jul 14 15:50:05 PDT 2010

On Wed, 14 Jul 2010, Lyle wrote:

> On 14/07/2010 20:34, Andy Selby wrote:
>> [Wed Jul 14 19:53:39 2010] [notice] SELinux policy enabled; httpd
>> running as context unconfined_u:system_r:httpd_t:s0
>> [Wed Jul 14 19:53:39 2010] [notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper:
>> /usr/sbin/suexec)
> This might suggest that by default fedora apache is more secure? (not that I 
> use fedora any more). Anyway, for something redhat derived for a server you 
> should use CentOS.

it probably is since selinux is enabled. which in my experinence just 
casues more problems than it solves or at least just gets in the way a 

bob walker

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