Meeting: Tuesday 21st Of December

Andy Selby andyfrommk at
Wed Dec 22 09:42:58 PST 2010

>> Just to remind everyone, this is tonight.
> And it was fun!


> Andy, thank you very much for herding us to the pub this year.

You lot don't need herding, you need holding back.

> Remember, if there's anything you wanted to discuss at the pub but
> didn't, please use this list to ask questions, share ideas or ask for
> feedback on your latest project.

Here is the URL to the open bank project I mentioned

Not sure how viable it is but personally I'm not impressed by its web
1.0 graphics.

I couldn't find that murex module on because its
browsable by author only.
Funny nobody thought to look for it on our smartphones while at the pub.

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