Perl developer vacancy at OpusVL

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Mon Aug 30 09:50:42 PDT 2010


Just a heads up, if anyone is looking for a new job at the moment
we've got a vacancy for a Perl developer at OpusVL. [1]

We provide Open Source business systems, consultancy, and bespoke
software development for a variety of clients, ranging from small
local companies to large national retailers. This makes for a very
varied, project-based environment with exposure to many different
industry sectors. We also supply and customise open source products
such as Asterisk and OpenERP.

The majority of our Perl development uses Catalyst, Moose,
DBIx::Class, Template Toolkit, and HTML::FormFu, so knowledge of these
modules would be very beneficial. Additionally, any experience of user
interface design or exposure to other languages (e.g. Java or Python
[2]) would be a definite bonus.

The position is full-time, based at our office in Rugby, which is a
short walk from Rugby train station.

If you are interested in finding out more, have a chat at the next
social meeting or drop me an email to jj at



[2] But we are primarily a Perl shop! :-)

-- ::

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