Various Announcements

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Aug 12 03:53:41 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,

As we approach the end of summer after another wonderful YAPC::Europe
(featuring the official shoe) it's time to start
thinking about autumn and beyond.

Ian and Tony have organised technical meetings earlier in the year so
it's time for me to keep my part of the agreement and organise one in
October.  If you have done something interesting with Perl recently,
please let me know.

This year's London Perl Workshop will take place some time in November
or December:  it's the best chance within a short journey of MK to
learn more about Perl and meet lots of interesting people.  I expect
it will take place on a Saturday.  I'd like to encourage more of our
regular speakers to offer talks - our October meeting offers an ideal
practice session.

In other news, OpenTech in London in September looks interesting:

I don't know much about this one-day conference in October, but it's
nearby in Bletchley Park:

The Perl events group are looking for advocates to discuss Perl with
attendees at both those conferences, and others around the world.  If
you would like to help out please see:

Finally, our usual pub meeting with the Linux User Group takes place
on the 31st of August.  Please come along for general chat about Perl
and various loosely related topics.


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