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Wed Aug 11 10:08:48 PDT 2010


One of the reasons I started looking at Perl was the community so I thought I should get round to e-mailing my local PM group as soon as possible. My name is Louis and I'm a bit of a newbie. 

I'm currently doing a computing degree part time with the OU whilst working as a trainee database administrator. I decided I wanted to learn to program not too long ago and was directed towards Perl by my long term girlfriend's step dad Dave Cross whom I'm sure a good majority of you will be aware of. 

As I say I am still very beginner. I've been through Learning Perl twice and I'm currently half way through Intermediate Perl. I'm really enjoying it all so far. I'm hoping that getting some local contacts and coming along to the various meetings will broaden my horizons in all things Perl.

So, this is me saying hello... Hello.

For a slightly more in depth history here is a blog entry I wrote about starting out...

- Louis Houghton
- louis at

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