Possibility of Computer Forensics talk at MKLUG/MK.PM

Andy Selby andyfrommk at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 21 13:26:18 PDT 2009

Last night I attended a Technical meeting at Coventry LUG about
computer forensics,
well, I was chatting to the chap who held it and he says there is a
possibility of bringing it to Milton Keynes!

This talk lasts in excess of one and a half hours and is given by a
chap who also deals with the criminals, their lawyers, a judge and
jury, So if anyone wants a look behind the news headlines of criminal
cases this talk is for you.
If you've ever deleted files you weren't supposed to or have a faulty
hard drive that you want to recover data off of then this talk is also
for you.

All he asks for is to be recompensed for fuel costs (and maybe a drink
at the pub?)

Our Email exchange follows..

2009/10/21 Adrian Shaw <adrian.shaw2 at ntlworld.com>:
> Thanks for the kind comments, it was good to get back to CovLUG after an
> enforced absence.
> Because of the sheer scope of the topic, it was quite high level.  If there
> were any issues touched upon that people want to know more about, shout out
> and I will see if there is scope for another presentation.   The areas that
> I didn't cover due to lack of time were:
> How to use a web browser as a gui front-end for the Sleuthkit tools.
> Overview of the dos partitioning scheme and how with a bit of understanding,
> you can recover entire deleted partitions.
> Mounting file systems in a forensically sound manner and strategies for
> locating data using find, sed and awk.
> Parsing various file formats with linux based forensic  tools and how to
> process large numbers of files with 'for' and 'while' loops.
> Handling email (including decoding attachments) and recovering deleted
> emails - even from MS PST and DBX archives.
> Recovering Windows logon passwords in seconds, that is really recovering
> them, not simply re-setting the password.
> If not, maybe I could re-run my presentation from last night in a few months
> with the above bits bolted on?
> Ade

>Would you be willing to travel around other LUG's giving your
>presentation? and would you require monetary compensation for your
>time and trouble? I'd be willing to pay up to a tenner (and I've
>already seen it once)


Hi Andy,

I have no problem with traveling to other LUGS in principle, if my
petrol costs can be covered then am more than happy to do it for free.
 The main problem is that my work commitments means that I can never
guarantee that I will be able to make it to any particular meeting.  I
am probably not going to be able to travel to any other LUG's this
year due to work commitments, but if you contact me in December, I
should have a clearer idea of what I will be doing in 2010.



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