Fwd: Nokia Discount codes for the N900 - run out tomorrow!!!!

Andy Selby andyfrommk at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 20 07:17:32 PDT 2009

I was going to mention the new Nokia N900 to the Perlmongers as a
smartphone that runs Perl[1]
but I've shot off this Email early because Iain has found some promo
codes to get it dirt cheap.

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From: Iain Frankish
Date: 2009/10/20
Subject: Nokia Discount codes - run out tomorrow!!!!
To: andyfrommk at googlemail.com

Use AFFUK15 first then SOCUK15 then MYNOKUK15

I've just printed out my order and email confirming old one cancelled
received too.

WITH express delivery this lot comes to 316.44 inc VAT - £183.55
saving!! Not bad for a couple of minutes on the Maemo forums!!

[1]Say the killer follows her on vacation and you have to trawl
through 200Mb of Emails and SMS's for something that is formatted like
an address......

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