Borders Closing Down Sale

Dave Cross dave at
Mon Nov 30 13:18:01 PST 2009

On 30/11/09 21:05, Tom Hukins wrote:
> Those of us in Britain's fastest growing city

The fastest growing city that isn't actually a city :-)

I've often wondered why the citizens of MK refer to their town as a city.

Ah. Wikipedia also has this:

"In its planning, the government of the day intended Milton Keynes, 
Buckinghamshire, to be a "new city" in scale, and it was referred to as 
such in contemporary supporting papers, but was gazetted in 1967 as a 
New Town. It has used the term "City Centre" on its buses and road signs 
for many years, mainly to avoid confusion with the centres of its 
pre-existing constituent towns." (in a 
section entitled "Pretenders" :-)


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