Perl Things I Have Found Useful

Jan Henning Thorsen pm at
Sun Jan 11 09:23:10 PST 2009

> Tom Hukins wrote:
>> How did Perl help you work and play this year?
> Well the one thing I could not live without isn't a Perl module, but
> a Firefox trick I got from the excellent "Perl Hacks" (O'Reilly) book...
> Tom mentioned a module I didn't know, so I cut and paste that into
> the Firefox location/awesome bar like "cpan Test::Differences" and
> hit return. This hack takes me straight to the CPAN page.
> Create a new Bookmark with the Keyword set to "cpan" and the
> Location set to "".
> Alternatively, something like
> ";query=%s" will perform a
> search rather than jump to the module directly.
> A bonus with the new Firefox awesome bar is that it remembers all
> these prior hits, so just typing "cpan Test::Di<return>" takes me
> straight back any time.

It's not really a hack anymore. What you can do is:

1) Fill out all the variables in a form
2) Right click in the actual search-field
3) Select "Add a keyword for this search"
4) A new window pops up:
 * Name is the name you normally find in your bookmarks
 * Keyword is the word you write in your location bar, before your search.
 * I've added a search folder, that i select in the "Create in" dropdown
5) After pressing "Add", firefox will execute the "hack" described above

The cool thing is that it will also remember the settings done in step #1.
I got these keywords:
maps (and "map", since i ofter forget which i have :P)
...and many more

It's a timesaver!

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