Travel to Tuesday's tech meet

peter at peter at
Fri Jan 9 04:06:19 PST 2009

Quoting JJ <jj at>:
> I'll be arriving by train on Tuesday - if anyone else is getting the
> train, do you want to meet at the station (or the Wetherspoons) and
> share a taxi to the venue?
> Or if anyone is driving from that side of town, would it be possible
> to get a lift to the venue?

Good plan. I'm coming up from Euston by train.
If they're running. And if they can be vaguely on time (that's two  
days running I've filled out the "over 30 minutes late" London Midland  
ticket price reclaim form). Then I'll be driving to the OU so can give  
you and anyone else who wants one a lift.
I'll aim to get to MK about 6.30 and will hang around the cafe. Quite  
happy to pick you up from 'spoons if you prefer.

Cheers, Peter

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