Fwd: [MK] Fw: Web Developer - (Perl/MySQL) - SW London

Tom Hukins tom at eborcom.com
Fri Dec 18 09:17:18 PST 2009

On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 03:57:59PM +0000, Andy Selby wrote:
> Thought he might have more luck recruiting for a Perl job by posting
> in a, you know,  perl-related mailing list.

If anyone here wants a Perl job, I'd suggest taking a look at
http://jobs.perl.org/ as it lists more jobs than most places.

If you want a job in London, London.pm have a couple of unarchived
jobs lists at http://london.pm.org/mailman/listinfo that you might
want to subscribe to.

What with the Perl world being a small place, it's worth asking around
about potential employers to find out whether they're the kind of
place you would fit in.


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