Borders Closing Down Sale

Andy Selby andyfrommk at
Thu Dec 3 13:00:52 PST 2009

2009/11/30 Gavin Westwood <pm at>:
> Borders is closing down with 20% off most of it's books and other stuff

It is now 30% off the computer books.
I asked a sales assistant when they would be closing down and she said
she didn't know, they will get the order one day to close the shutters
for the last time, so you decide whether its worth it to wait or snap
up a bargain now before its gone.
As for me, I'll wait to see if those four inch thick 'the complete
reference' books come down a bit more.

> (advertised as 50%, but good luck finding where those items are...).

At the front of the shop oddly enough, got me an Ajax for dummies book
for a tenner.

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