Thoughts on Formatting Code

Robbie Bow robbiebow at
Sat Aug 22 09:00:13 PDT 2009

2009/8/22 Tom Hukins <tom at>

> Just as we discover new ways of expressing things in natural language,
> we experiment with how we write Perl.  Experimentation makes
> programming more interesting and allows us to improve by refining our
> technique.
> Robbie, I hope I haven't mangled your thoughts too badly.
That's pretty close to what I was trying to express. I think a lot of us
enjoy changing our style from time to time. We also enjoy seeing other
styles - even the incomprehensible, crayon style that makes us seethe. Where
would we be without such? I also think applying different styles can help us
to see different solutions to the same problems as emphasis changes
depending on how you lay out your code.

At $work we have loosely agreed on 4 spaces for indentation and definitely
not tabs. Other than that, working in a team of technically competent
developers means all styles are readable because we all want our code to be
readable, and adopt good practices from one another as we individually

Where there are significant differences and I'm changing existing code, I
try to observe the styling the "owner" of the piece. It seems polite.
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