Talks: Tuesday, 14th July 2009

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Apr 30 15:09:38 PDT 2009


Our next technical meeting looks scarily well organised.  It's over
two months away and we have a date and almost a full schedule of

If we did performance related pay, the murky figures behind our
meetings would have topped up their pension funds, golden parachutes
and pizza deivery stockholdings before this whole thing collapses.
But we don't, so they're all wasting time on IRC and Facebook instead.

Oh yeah, the subject..

So, our next technical meeting will take place on Tuesday, 14th July
2009 at the Open University.  It has a database related theme, with a
few well placed distractions into other areas.  I'll save the formal
announcement for later.

Anyway, we have a few spare slots for lightning talks.  If you want to
spend 5 minutes telling us about what you've been up to, please mail
me now to avoid disappointment.  If you'd like to present a full
length talk, there's no harm in mailing me your offers for October.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend,

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