November Technical Meeting

Barbie barbie at
Thu Oct 23 02:07:45 PDT 2008

Thanks to everyone who came along last night, and a special thanks to
Tom and Peter for giving their excellent talks. I'll appropriate links
to slides and stuff a little later, and will upload photos as soon as I

For next month we now have JJ, Brian and myself lined up. JJ will be
presenting the talk he plans to give at The London Perl Workshop, Brian
is planning a short talk, which is an update of one he gave 2 or 3 years
ago, and I'll be featuring a few "Cool Hacky Scripts".

If anyone has any other short talks they would like to present,
lightning talk style, whether they're about cool hacky scripts, or other
interesting topics, please let me know.

No venue confirmed for next month yet, but I plan to see if we can
return to The Victoria. Depending how The Dragon Inn fairs for our
social, we may also look to returning there for the technical meetings
in the new year. 

See you next month :)

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