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On Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 05:49:21PM +0100, Peter Edwards wrote:
> Hi, anyone else going up to this and if so how do you want to travel?
> It would be easiest for me to get the train from London straight up there -
> need to check how far from station to venue

About 5-10mins depending on the exit.

If you do come by train, note their are two exits for the platform. The
main exit and the Navigation Street exit. The latter is the quicker
route. Below I'll describe both:

For the Navigation Street exit, head a long the platform heading towards
the tunnel end. At the end of the platform, take the exit up on the
walkway and head out of the ticket barriers. Once onto the main road,
turn right and walk to the corner. Cross over and walk up the hill, on
the predestrian part of the road. This is Temple Street.

You'll cross New Street, but continue up the hill until you reach the
cathedral. Follow the railing round to the left, and the pub is on
Temple Row before you get to Colmore Row.

For the Main exit, follow the "Way Out" signs to roughly the middle of
the of the platform. This will take you up to the main concourse. Exit
through the ticket barriers and head up the escalators. Turn left,
following the arcade round, and then right, heading outside and then
down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left, crossing the road,
onto the pedestrian part of New Street. Note: don't walk up the hill.
Take the third thoroughfair on your left, Temple Street, and walk up to
the hill to the cathedral railings. Follow them round tothe pub as

When heading back, note that the Navigation Street entrance closes at
about 9pm.

Look forward to seeing many of you on Wednesday :)

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