Log::Log4perl sending DEBUG and above to a file and WARN and above to the screen

Edwardson, Tony Tony.Edwardson at commerzbank.com
Thu May 8 02:50:04 PDT 2008

I'm working with some code which uses Log::Log4perl with a config like this :-
    my %settings = (
        'log4perl.rootLogger'                => 'DEBUG, LOGFILE',
        'log4perl.category.rrdtool'          => 'WARN, LOGFILE',
        'log4perl.category.RRDTool.OO'       => 'WARN, LOGFILE',
        'log4perl.appender.LOGFILE'          => 'Log::Log4perl::Appender::File',
        'log4perl.appender.LOGFILE.filename' => $filename,
        'log4perl.appender.LOGFILE.layout'   => 'PatternLayout',
        'log4perl.appender.LOGFILE.layout.ConversionPattern' =>
          '[%d] %-20F{1} %-5p - %-6P - %m%n',
    Log::Log4perl->init( \%settings );
Which logs all output to a log file and nothing goes to the screen.
The trouble with this is that when an error happens, it only gets written to the log file and nothing goes to the screen so unless you check the response code and/or the log file you don't know when something failed.
Anyone know of a way to get the rootLogger to additionally send errors to STDERR so I get to see them without introducing new categories ?
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