Testing workshop

Gavin Westwood pm at gavinwestwood.co.uk
Sun Jun 29 02:12:05 PDT 2008

On 28/06/08 23:19, Tom Hukins wrote:
> I wonder why those who planned to show up didn't, and why those who
> thought it wouldn't interest them thought it wouldn't, at least for
> those of you in or near to MK.
> I'd especially like to hear from people who thought it might be too
> scary, clever or difficult, because the intention was to give
> newcomers a gentle introduction to Perl.  It was a lovely, warm, sunny
> day though.  Too nice to stay indoors doing computers.

Well you already know what happened to me (bloody flu) - I was rather 
looking forward to trying to get my head around Perl and understand how 
the testing units are laid out and would normally have really enjoyed a 
BBQ (unfortunately, I felt like I was one instead...)


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