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Tom Hukins tom at
Mon Aug 11 12:41:25 PDT 2008

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 08:17:18PM +0100, Andy Selby wrote:
> 2008/8/11 Tom Hukins <tom at>:
> > Due to a recent tidying up session, the following O'Reilly books need
> > homes:
> > - CGI Programming with Perl (2nd Edition)
> I'll take the CGI book, thanks

It's yours, and there's another copy still spare.

> > - Programming Perl (2nd Edition, Covers Perl 5)
> AKA the camel book, I got that one from Tony a while ago, I recommend
> it highly.

I agree, although I'd strongly recommend the latest edition.  Perl has
changed lots since the release of Perl 5.  This one's already gone,

> Surely its best to request the books on-list so you don't have to
> reply "sorry, that one's gone" several times?

We're a small group, so I don't mind.  I thought I'd keep replies
off-list because things could easily get dull.  But I don't care much
either way.

> Thanks Tom, I've recently been buying computer books off Ebay, how did
> you want to be payed? money or beer?

You're welcome.  They're not mine, I just rescued them from the bin.
If you'd like to offer money, please donate a little to a good cause
of your choice.


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