Meeting: Tuesday 25th September 2007

Tom Hukins tom at
Fri Sep 21 01:11:40 PDT 2007

When people start drawing strange, out-of-focus pictures that look like
foamy, blue pints of beer on your Facebook graffiti wall it can only
mean one thing:

Milton Keynes Linux User Group and Perl Mongers will meet this time next
week on Tuesday 25th September.  I look forward to seeing the regulars,
the recent newcomers, and hopefully a few of you who haven't been

As usual, we'll meet in Wetherspoon's near the railway station (not the
one in the snow dome).  I'll show up around 8pm, but feel free to arrive
whenever suits you:

If you've not been along before and you would like my mobile number to
help find us please ask off list.  Don't worry how much you know about
Perl or Linux:  we have quite a varied range of interests and abilities.
I've tried to persuade a couple of local Python programmers to come
along this time, so we'll see how that goes.

Peter, thanks for the reminder.  But why blue?

See you soon,

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