chopping up mbox

Michael Lush mjlush at
Mon Oct 29 08:36:34 PDT 2007

I've about 10Gb of mailboxes,  I'd like to break down into individual
emails so I can dump them into a simple searchable table.  It would be
quite nice (but no means critical) to extract for 'From' 'To' dates 
attachments etc.

We have had problems with these files when trying to import them 
into squirrel-mail (truncations and messages running together, mostly 
due to non-standard spam formatting).

I had a quick peek at CPAN and found (inevitably) there's more than one 
way to do it.  Mail::Mbox::MessageParser appears to be the simple option, 
Mail::Box::Mbox seems to have all the parsing bells and whistles.

Are ther any other packages I should consider?

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