Announce: London Perl Workshop 2007

Gavin Westwood pm at
Mon Oct 1 06:38:47 PDT 2007

Do you think this would be suitable for Perl newbies?

If I applied I'd hate to 'steal' a place from someone who would find it
more beneficial...


Tom Hukins wrote:
> For those who haven't already heard the news:
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> This is an early announcement. With just the facts that we know so far, I have
> not listed the facts I don't know or the facts I don't yet know I don't know.
> With this in mind.
> 	When:	1/12/2007	9:30-4.30 ish
> 	Where:	Westminster University (or is that UoW), CS Department (Thanks!)
> 	What:	Perl talks, some talks hopefully about other scripting languages
> 		or technologies so we all get a little more brain food.
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