Coding Together

Tom Hukins tom at
Mon Nov 19 10:03:01 PST 2007

On Mon, Nov 19, 2007 at 09:39:32AM -0000, Peter Edwards wrote:
> Wouldn't that be development rather than writing tests as Tom suggested?
> Not that I've any strong feeling either way :)

In my mail I missed out some of the preamble I mentioned on Thursday:
- It would be fun for us to hack on something together
- We should hack on something that interests all of us
- We should hack on something that people with a range of abilities
  can work on
- We should be able to contribute our work back to the world quickly
  and easily

It's very easy to write simple tests: experienced developers can point
beginners in the right direction.  Most distributions have some
awkward parts that the more experienced developers can tackle together
using various interesting approaches.

The Phalanx Top 100 lists interesting/popular modules:

Some of which have poor test coverage:

I don't want to suggest that we have to take this approach, but we all
do very different things with Perl.  If we want to hack together, as a
bunch of people in/near MK who like Perl, we should choose something
that interests as many of us as possible.

So, basically, I'm asking asking for:
1) people to say where their interests lie, which some people have
done so far,
2) then to find a problem we might all like to work on.

I suspect that enhancing an existing distribution's tests will help us
achieve this and produce code we can release quickly without getting
bogged down in lots of architecture or bikeshedding.

I hope this has cleared up my intentions for those of you who weren't
there on Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who's replied so far - keep the ideas coming.


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