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Peter Edwards peter at
Mon Nov 19 01:39:32 PST 2007

Wouldn't that be development rather than writing tests as Tom suggested?
Not that I've any strong feeling either way :)

For a s/s app, I'd tend not to use Tk because most of my customers would
need a web solution. There are a couple of options already
1) Google Docs
2) Write an app using the modules you mention and for the UI use a data grid
from a JS library like

Regards, Peter

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One thing I think would be of great use, would be a spreadsheet application
written in Tk able to take input from delimited files (e.g. CSV) and  excel
files, and display the data in a nice grid with rudimentary features to be
able to sort the data and do simple calculations.
There are several modules already out there to help including
Tk::TableMatrix, Spreadsheet::ParseExcel, Spreadsheet::SimpleExcel,
Text::CSV::Simple, Spreadsheet::Perl e.t.c ......

Comments anyone ?

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