Coding Together

Tom Hukins tom at
Sun Nov 18 12:59:40 PST 2007

At Thursday's meeting I raised the idea of a group of us writing code
together.  I think we should aim for something that can involve
everyone regardless of how much they know about Perl.

I like the idea of working together to enhance the test coverage of an
existing CPAN distribution, with the consent of that distribution's
author(s).  The Phalanx 100 provides a good list of suggestions:

But we can choose another distribution not on that list if we prefer.

So who's up for this, and what would you like to work on?  So far,
Gavin, Oliver and I have shown an interest.  Please suggest things we
should work on, otherwise I'll chain everyone up in a cupborard and
make them write exhaustive tests for Acme::Magpie.

I suspect we won't get round to actually doing this until next year,
what with the usual Christmas rush, but let's get some ideas together

Please don't be shy:  if there's something you'd like to work on, let
us know.  If there's something you'd like to achieve from this, let us
know.  If this is a really bad idea and we should just go the pub, let
us know.

If everyone goes quiet, I'll sit in the corner and sulk.


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