Meeting on Tuesday 27th March 2007

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Mar 22 14:04:16 PDT 2007

Our third meeting of 2007 takes place next Tuesday in the usual pub,
Wetherspoon's near Milton Keynes railway station:

These meetings contain varied discussion about Perl and all sorts of
other things.  It doesn't matter how much Perl you know, what you do
with it, or if you just want to have a few drinks.

This month, we're holding a joint meeting with the Milton Keynes Linux
User Group:

It doesn't matter if you have no interest in Linux, but bear in mind
that a few people won't care much about Perl.  But we've found there's
a significant overlap between the membership of both groups, so we
thought we'd meet together.

I'll arrive some time between 7.30 and 8pm depending on how the trains
feel.  Ask off-list if you would like my mobile number in case you
have trouble finding us.  You should be able to spot us by looking for
the laminated penguins.

Also, the week after, on Monday 2nd April we'll hold our first set of
talks this year at the Open University.  I'll send out details before
long.  Promise.

See you soon,

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