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Thanks for the help yesterday. I went with the option of using List::Utils
and List::MoreUtils

> I was wondering if anyone could think of a solution to a problem I have. I
> have a script which contains an array which looks like:
>    @arrayG = qw (1.048 0.657 0.437 2.363 1.964 0.787 1.078 0.686);
> I need to know the array position of the largest number, ie 2.363 is
> largest, but I need to return $arrayG[3] - the '3' is what I need.

This worked as simply:

Use List::Utils qw(max);
Use List::MoreUtils qw(firstidx);

$highest = max @arrayG;
$identifier = firstidx {$_ == $highest} @arrayG;

Very neat - Thanks.

I still don't know how max works when there are two equal values in the
array which are equal largest, but I think I can ignore this for now - it
might never happen.


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