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Hi All

I was wondering if anyone could think of a solution to a problem I have. I
have a script which contains an array which looks like:

    @arrayG = qw (1.048 0.657 0.437 2.363 1.964 0.787 1.078 0.686);

I need to know the array position of the largest number, ie 2.363 is
largest, but I need to return $arrayG[3] - the '3' is what I need.

I thought that I could also turn this into a hash:

    %hashG = {a=>1.048, b=>0.657, c=>0.437, d=>2.363, e=>1.964, f=>0.787,
g=>1.078, h=>0.686};

Reverse the hash so that the keys become values and the values keys.

    %reverseHashG = {1.048=>a, 0.657=>b, 0.437=>c, 2.363=>d, 1.964=>e,
0.787=>f, 1.078=>g, 0.686=>h};

The take $arrayG[0] from a sorted array and use it to read the value in the
reversed hash:


The I would get the answer 'd' - telling me essentially what I need to know.

However: 1. This seems like a round about way of doing it - shouldn't it be
easier? 2. There might be a case where two of the numbers in the original
array are the same. When the hash is reversed I will lose some of these -
this would be a problem if the two equal values were equal largest, plus how
would the array sort work if there were two equal largest values?

I have tried 'The Internet', a couple of books, and some colleagues here,
but we cannot think of a way to do this. Any insight would be gratefully



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