Odds and Ends

Tom Hukins tom at eborcom.com
Wed Mar 7 11:00:59 PST 2007

Hi all,

I thought I should mention these things:
- Talk Slides Online
- Next Technical (talks) Meeting
- Next Social (pub) Meeting
- YAPC Europe

We had our last technical meeting in October, but it seems someone
forgot to put the slides online.  How forgetful!  Anyway, mine and
Lee's are now online:

Robbie, is there anything you'd like online for your talk?  Nik, I
hope you have your slides somewhere, because I'm nor sure I do..

October was some time ago, so we've decided to have another technical
meeting on Monday 2nd April.  We'll be meeting at the Open University
this time:  Ian has booked us a room and is writing up directions so
we can find the room alright.  Oliver and Peter have offered to talk
so far.  Anyone else?  I'll send out a formal announcement soon.

None of this will interfere with our regular "last Tuesday of the
month" visit to the pub on 27th March.  See you there!

Finally, we've had word from that hotels in Vienna near to the venue
are booking up quickly for YAPC::Europe, so book yours now.  This is
the major European Perl conference, and it's well worth attending:


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