UK Subversion user group meeting / Google code jam

Tom Hukins tom at
Fri Jan 26 04:11:15 PST 2007

On Fri, Jan 26, 2007 at 11:47:01AM -0000, Peter Edwards wrote:
> SVN::Web looks cool, I'll have to try that out :-)

We've been using it at work for a few months.  Some of us find it very
useful as an alternative to the traditional Subversion or TortoiseSVN
view of the repository.

It only took half an hour for me to get it running as plain CGI and a
little longer to write a custom filter.

I really like its filters:  ours looks for text of the form ticket#\d+
in commit messages and replaces them with a hyperlink to the ticket of
that number.  Simple filters don't require much more work than writing
a regular expression.

Having SVN::Web gives every commit its own hyperlink, which I often
use in email, IM or on our Wiki.

Of the modules I've started using recently, SVN::Web is up there with
HTML::Tree in the "I really like this" category.

(Message sent for the benefit of readers who haven't yet installed
SVN::Web, not to boost Nik's ego..)


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