Meeting on Tuesday 27th February 2007

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Feb 22 07:33:28 PST 2007

Our second meeting of 2007 takes place in the usual pub, Wetherspoon's
near Milton Keynes railway station:

These meetings contain varied discussion about Perl and all sorts of
other things.  It doesn't matter how much Perl you know, what you do
with it, or if you just want to have a few drinks.  If you want to
bring something interesting along, that's cool:  last month we ended
up sharing our favourite tricks from the recent Perl Hacks book.

I'll arrive around 8pm, but feel free to arrive whenever you find
convenient.  If you think you might not recognise us, please ask
off-list for my mobile number.

I realise I haven't organised a technical meeting in a while, but we
don't have any talks lined up, so I'll wait until we have some ideas.
Nudge nudge.

See you on Tuesday,

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