Syntax highlighting in Perl

Nik Clayton nik at
Sun Oct 15 10:10:17 PDT 2006

Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 15, 2006 at 12:02:39AM +0100, Nik Clayton wrote:
>> Can anyone recommend any modules (or an external tool that's efficient) 
>> that can do HTML syntax highlighting -- at least diffs, but ideally source 
>> code in various languages, HTML itself, and so on.
> Ooh - syntax highlighting in Svn::Web?

Yes.  The next version of SVN::Web will support browsing remote 
repositories (i.e., repos that are can be accessed with http:// or 
svn:// URIs, as well as file:///).

One of the things I've done is use the Subversion libraries for diffing, 
  instead of Text::Diff and Text::Diff::HTML.  This is *much* faster, 
but means that I can only display a raw diff.

It's relatively easy to take the raw diff and convert it to HTML, but 
before I go that route I'm looking for a more general solution that can 
take text in various formats (obviously, one of them being diff) and 
convert them to marked up HTML.

> And now a half-hearted moan.  Every since I upgraded apache on debian a
> few weeks back SVN::Web seems to be displaying only what would have been
> in the body of the html.  And also when any revision is requested the
> apache process hangs using 100% cpu.
> Since I can't even be bothered to investigate this enough to make a
> proper bug report I don't expect an answer, but I suppose there's an off
> chance that someone might be able to say, "oh yes, that's because of X,
> just do Y".
> Yeah, well, maybe.  Or if I had spent the time it has taken to write
> this on investigating the problem I might even have fixed it my now.
> Dear LazyML, please help.

Apache 1 or Apache 2?  What version of SVN::Web?  Is it 100% 
reproducible?  Does it affect all revisions, or just a subset of them? 
Does it happen with svnweb-server?


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