Syntax highlighting in Perl

Nik Clayton nik at
Sat Oct 14 16:02:39 PDT 2006

Can anyone recommend any modules (or an external tool that's efficient) that 
can do HTML syntax highlighting -- at least diffs, but ideally source code 
in various languages, HTML itself, and so on.

I've looked at Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate, but it looks as though if I 
want to change the look of the highlighting I need to subclass a bunch of 
modules, which is effort I'd like to avoid if possible.

Syntax::Highlight::Universal looks interesting, but doesn't build on my 
local FreeBSD box.  That doesn't bode well for it being easy to install for 
people who are going to be using my code that depends on it.  It also looks 
like it introduces a dependency on Java, which is a bit heavier than I 
really want.



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