Meeting: Tuesday 23rd May 2006

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu May 18 03:52:03 PDT 2006

It's less than a week until we congregate in the pub.  We have a very
special meeting lined up:  not only will we defy our own meeting
rules, but Birmingham Perl Mongers will visit us for a few drinks.

As usual, we'll meet in Wetherspoon's near the railway station (not
the one in the snow dome).  I'll show up some time between 7 and 7.30,
but feel free to arrive whenever suits you.

If you've not been along before and you would like my mobile number
to help find us please ask off list.  See the Web site for more details:

For June's meeting, we might try a different pub: somewhere we can sit
outside and damage our pale geek complexions.  It will probably rain.

Finally, please can the naughty boys who offered to talk at June's
technical meeting but didn't reply to my mail last week get in touch
soon.  Gold stars to those of you who have already replied.

See you all soon,

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